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Whiskey Hollow

Legendary Texas Spirits from a Craft Distillary in Valley View, Texas

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JBM Specialties LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


Investor Profits & Secured Investment Overview

Note: Our SEC compliant 506C private offering only allows accredited investors having a net worth of $1M or $250K yearly income. See details at the end of the official offering. $10K minimum investment. No guarantees for profits or returns can be made.

  • Profit sharing. Membership units now available at fixed rate of $2/share. Limited offering: total- 6M shares/Membership units equal to 30% of company. Each share/membership owner may receive a profit sharing check quarterly to yearly in accordance with SEC regulations. Profit sharing income may be used to purchase additional shares/membership units, if available, at determined share/membership unit cost. After the 1st year build out, we have a profit sharing goal of a 10% to 20% yearly return payout.
  • Building Stock Value. A strategic and realistic plan is in place to increase barreled assets of the company $187,000 per day. When total assets exceed $100M and sales exceed $25M (2-year goal), or a Fair Market Value of the company is more than $300M a New York Stock Exchange IPO is planned. The exhibited strength and growth of the company should increase the value of stock from $2 to $10 to $50 (not guaranteed). Selling shares after an IPO typically has a substantial stock price increase. As an example, a $1M initial investment can increase to around $5M, with a real possibly exceeding $25M in 2 to 5 years.
  • Secured Investment. I believe we have done our best to mitigate investor financial risks by continuing to build a high asset value company. If for any reason a windup of business activities is needed, a sellout of assets should exceed any invested money substantially. If for any reason a buyout to purchase company is accepted, (not planned) the offered $/Share - Membership unit will first be offered to investors. In the event of my demise a seamless CEO transition goes to my capable son Mathew Beasley.
  • Charter Member Investment Incentive. For each $100K invested, Investor will own a new barrel of Texas Gold Bourbon placed into aging. Charter member barrels will be proudly and prominently displayed at the new distillery complex with their choice of name on each barrel. Investor will own all rights to the Barrel and the Bourbon inside. Each barrel will have, after aging, approximately 250 - 750ml bottles at 110 proof (50 gal.) in it with an estimated bottled retail value of $37,500 each. Recommended aging time is 1 to 2 years. Barrel can remain on tap at distillery for exclusive use of investor or bottled at cost for investor or supplied whole to investor. Any associated, applicable taxes other possible additional costs are not included.
  • Investor Meeting/s. Prior to any investment exceeding $100K, I recommend a scheduled meeting with me and development executives (if available) at the build site, (Rayzor Ranch, Denton, Texas). Any questions will be best answered and details for business structure cash flow will be laid out. For any investor, a call or scheduled visit can be made at any time.
  • Advisory Board. Any investor of $500K invested or more will automatically be offered a seat on the advisory board.
  • Investor Summation. The SEC and I want you to clearly understand any business has inherent risks with no guarantees for profits. For the official 506C SEC compliant Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) the online access portal is located at: www.WhiskeyHollowDistillery.com Prior to having approved access to the PPM some basic questions are needed to be filled out at the end of introduction. The PPM is truthful to the best of my knowledge, containing historic information, business structure and forward-looking goals. What I wish for the PPM to accomplish is prove a history of substantial distillery business achievement in product and market development. The corporate profit and forward-looking estimates in the PPM are best guess goals. In my opinion, any forward-looking estimates are in one sense are a bunch of BS. The fact is, each day a business opens its doors many variable decisions are made by management and employees. These decisions can and will affect profit, production and growth. Truthfully, I have never seen one prospectus hold as fact to the actual outcome years later. The reality is, my sons, wife and I, at the helm, will continue to lead the business as management. Our family will utilize years of distillery business building savvy, experiences and our expert advisors, when needed. We are ingrained with conservative problem-solving optimism which should continue to generate substantial profitable growth for years to come. A great side benefit to our expansion is the creation of approximately 200 new jobs for the community in addition to a very substantial market for local farmers growing grain and cattle.

Les Beasley, Master Distiller, CEO Whiskey Hollow

JBM Specialties LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


With federal distillery permitting relaxed in 2013, the Company had the opportunity to build a legal distillery in Texas. Les Beasley, Founder and Master Distiller, along with his family and employees, have built and operated an international multiple award-winning spirits distillery using his proprietary designs and recipes. The Whiskey Hollow plant was designed to maximize the flavor profiles of the spirits produced. It utilizes an early American distillation method (circa 1600’s) known as double thumper distillation. By placing two charred white oak barrels (thumpers) mid-way between the still and condensing coil, the previous distilled hearts cut spirits are refined and the flavor profile is elevated. During distillation, the heart cut spirits from the previous run are brought to boil in the white oak barrels, utilizing the heat from alcohol rich steam generated in the main still. The boiling in the barrels creates a thumping sound, thus the name double thumper still. Several very successful product lines have been developed, refined and marketed over the last two years.

Whiskey Hollow is a Certified Craft Distillery by The American Distillation Institute. The Company is one of the few distilleries in Texas that starts with a grain or raw product and takes it to finish bottling at the distillery. All spirits are manufactured at our distillery.

Volume for U.S. whiskey — which includes bourbon, Tennessee, and rye — jumped 6.8%, with revenue up 7.7% to $3.1 billion.

— Fortune.com, ”3 Signs the U.S. Liquor Market had a Great 2016” by John Kell —

JBM Specialties LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations

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Les Beasley, Managing Member

Master Distiller, and CEO

With a rich pioneering family heritage in Texas, Missouri and Kentucky, Les brings to the art of distilling a passion for excellence with decades of trials and successes. In 1981, Les designed and built his first legal still as a Master’s degree thesis project in Applied Sciences. In 2013 the timing was right to bring his distilling skills to market when Cooke County Texas (home site) became wet, allowing for alcohol sales. Without any outside help, except for some family, he designed and built the distillery.

The hands-on work, decades of experiences and distilling of tens of thousands of gallons of mash has allowed Les to fine tune methods and recipes. His passion for excellence has propelled Whiskey Hollow’s spirits to international award-winning recognition.

His years of experience in sales, including regional sales force trainer, gives Les the unique skill set and understanding to implement a profitable sales force to help insure growth and market penetration of Whiskey Hollow’s spirits.

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Kristi Beasley

Managing Member and Compliance Officer

Kristi L. Beasley has been married to Les for 39 years. She has a BS Degree with honors in Math from College of the Ozarks, 1978. She insures all compliance records are correct for the Federal Government (TTB) and State Government (TABC). These are electronically reported/audited and reported every 15 days. The compliance responsibility for record keeping include but not limited to: production, inventory, retail and wholesale sales. Her responsibilities include training employees for standards and methods to maintain compliancy, daily register closing, bank balancing and bookkeeping..

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Mathew Beasley

Production Manager

Matthew Beasley, 29, is the son of Les and Kristi. Mathew brings a compassionate and a warm personality coupled with multiple skill levels to Whiskey Hollow’s management team. Mathew has been active in the construction of the current distillery.

Matthew graduated from McLennan College and Texas A&M with a Certified Fire Fighter/Paramedic Degree. Matthew worked as a paramedic and general manager for Medic One Ambulance Service in Dallas, Texas. He is currently the plant operations Control Operator/Technician for Conoco Phillips. His responsibilities will include, but aren’t limited to: General Manager for Whiskey Hollow, onsite building presence from beginning of construction and continue master level training by Les in all distillation activities.

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Josh Beasley

Retail Liquor/Souvenir Store Manager

Josh, 35, is the oldest son of Les and Kris Beasley. Josh is a veteran of the US Army, serving two tours in Iraq. His management experience includes: Six Flags Over Texas theme park store manager, logistics control operator for north Texas company, and presently for General Electric.

Whiskey Hollow's Master Select Texas Gold Bourbon was acclaimed by one of the big three distillery's Past National Sales Manager as the smoothest 110 proof Bourbon he has ever had.

JBM Specialties LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Terms of the offering


Minimum Offering: $3,000,000

Minimum Subscription: $10,000 (5,000 Units)

JBM Specialties LLC (the “Company” or “Whiskey Hollow”), a Texas Company, is offering a minimum of 1,500,000 and a maximum of 6,000,000 Membership Units for $2.00 per unit.

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JBM Specialties LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

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